Management Audit

Goals and Techniques

During the management audit the skills and potential of the policy makers of a company or a department of a business are estimated. The goal is to develop significant profiles identifying the strength/ weaknesses of every candidate. In addition, it is important to give recommendations of how to foster the individual development of the candidate. Within the use of a management portfolio is it possible to document the management structure in the whole business or the specific department.

The results of the Management Audit are the basis for:

  • a management development plan consistent with the individual profile and the strategic business objectives
  • Informed, individual or company-wide (restructuring/merger) decisions concerning the occupation of positions

The audit consists of the following elements:

  • Individual interviews
  • Vocational personality test
  • Business simulation

The three hour expert interview represents the core point of the audit. This neutral, professional assessment defines the basis for the performanceand potential analysis. Furthermore, the use of specific assessment techniques distributes additional information. The evaluated results highlight areas where a further analysis of the situation is necessary.