Professional Approach – characterized by

  • My own personal leadership experience
  • A longstanding experience as a coach and consultant in various branches
  • My background as a PhD in psychology

With coaching and trainings I support my clients in

  • gaining clarity and transparency
  • recognizing their strengths and resources
  • generating tangible and viable solutions

My way of coaching

The focus on coaching is always on the individual client with his personal requirements and responsibilities in business. I understand coaching as a support to my clients on their way to individual growth. My main task is to enhance your ability to fulfill your professional tasks even better.

It is of great importance that the coaching is felt to be helpful, inspiring and feasible for my client. Furthermore, the coaching process can be considered as successful when its positive effects become obvious in the working environment, e.g. in the improvement of the workflow or the recognition of positive changes through superiors, supervisors and colleagues.

Coaching supports the capacity building of clients. Therefore, coach and coachee are partners and cooperate under fair and transparent conditions. I offer process consultation in the first place and support every client in the achieving his individual objectives. My professional experience as manager in the field of human resources and organizational development is often incorporated into the consulting process and makes a difference to the coachee.


Dr. Karin von Schumann,
Psychologist, PhD

Owner of von Schumann Coaching
& Consulting, Munich
Focus: Business Coaching,
Career Coaching, 360 ° Coaching, Mediation

Sylvia Fritz, Communication Expert & Psychologist
Partner at von Schumann Coaching & Consulting
Focus: business coaching, mediating

Hans-Peter Welke, Business Education Expert

Partner at von Schumann Coaching & Consulting
Focus: training, coaching

Ursula Haupt, Business Psychologist
Trainer & management board of
Istob Management-Akademie, München
Focus: training, coaching, mediating, personnel consultant

Sophie Theresa Schepp, MSc. Psychologin
Doktorat an der Universität St.Gallen (HSG)
Schwerpunkte: Assessment Coaching, Job Crafting, Kommunikationstraining, New Work, Digitalisierung

Sandra J. Schiemann, Psychologist (PhD)
in Coaching, Department of Social Psychology, University of Salzburg
Focus: career coach, trainer for social skills, yoga teacher

Dr. Carsten Hübner, Consultant
Focus: strategical business development


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