Coaching methods

Coaching methods
Our coaching process is a combination of:

  • Consulting, based on the systemic approach
  • Feedback
  • Experience-based exercises and practical
    training based on expert knowledge sharing

Two major aspects of systemic consulting are of great
importance to the coaching process:

  • Holistic approach
    The client and his concerns are always seen and considered in the context of corporate structures. Therefore, the goals of the trainee/coachee have to be in line with the corporate environment. This means that the impact of every changes pursued has to be considered with a view on the possibly affected people, departments and business units.
  • Resource- and solution focused approach
    This coaching approach focuses on the strengths and resources of the client. It therefore provides an opposed concept to working deficit-orientated, which means concentrating on the weaknesses of the client. Working with this approach supports clients in recognizing their own resources, expanding their personal potential and structuring an environment where those capacities can be implemented.

One central element of the coaching process is to give the client an open, appreciating and development- oriented feedback. A trustful coaching atmosphere allows giving feedback concerning the individual behaviour and attitude and its effects on the environment. The task is not to guide managers from the “bad” to the “good” but rather to recognize the attitude and believes worth keeping and to identify and develop necessary additional skills.